Tips and Advice to New Drivers

DriverThere are several reasons why you should be driver for BHUUMI Ride and no other Rideshare company.

If you want to progress in life and seek a secure future for yourself and your family choose to be a BHUUMI driver.

You want to keep all profits and get paid instantly, then BHUUMI Ride provides the best solution.

If you are tired of working for a big corporation that is only interested in filling up their coffers and doesn’t think about the individual who works for the day and night, then you need to sign up as a BHUUMI drivers and make money for yourself and your family.

BHUUMI Drivers keep 90% of their fare and pay only 10% in commission no matter the ride cost.

Do you know that you are a good driver with a valid DL?

Are you a good driver?

Is your vehicle road-worthy?

With BHUUMI, the process is simple. You download, apply and get to work at 

The application process is simple and easy. Won’t you apply today?

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