How is BHUUMI is able to offer low-cost cabs with luxury facilities?

BHUUMI Ride App. is an innovative platform in the Ridesharing arena. At BHUUMI car with driver is his own master entrepreneur who can fulfill his dream and drive his way to success all the way.

BHUUMI drivers keep 90% of their fare and pay only 10% per ride no matter the cost of the ride. At BHUUMI car with driver is his own master entrepreneur.

Since the BHUUMI driver is an independent entrepreneur he is self-motivated to provide the best service to his customer. Just like a business person will go the extra mile to make his business thrive, so does the BHUUMI driver.

In an entrepreneurial world, BHUUMI drivers will be competitive with pricing, vehicle comfort, safety and provide a better ride than their competition. 

The passenger will no doubt enjoy the benefits of the ride while paying cheaper fares and will also know that they are doing their bit by supporting and helping create successful entrepreneurs.