BHUUMI Ride now is in India


BHUUMI Ride – the same Rideshare experience with a different purpose.

BHUUMI Ridesharing App. is setting up a unique business model which is designed to help the BHUUMI driver who can be an independent entrepreneur. BHUUMI charges only 10% Flat Fee from the driver no matter the cost of the ride. No other Ride Sharing business has ever done so.

BHUUMI Ride is designed to empower its users to be successful entrepreneurs. BHUUMI Drivers keep 90% of their fare and pay ONLY 10% FLAT COMMISION FEE Per Ride, they keep all profits and get paid instantly when the ride is completed. Book your ride today!

Support local entrepreneurs, not money-grabbing corporate Rideshare companies. Take BHUUMI Ride – a company and its passengers that care for their Drivers.

Have you had enough of “big business” that only invests their efforts into making themselves richer? Join and support BHUUMI – a company created for entrepreneurs that reinvests all of its profits back to its users.

As we’re launching BHUUMI Ride in Bangalore and if our ideology is to help create more entrepreneurs’ lives with you, we would really appreciate your support.

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