The RideShare App thats
making a difference!

Giving back to your local community, one ride at a time.

BHUUMI Ride is different from your usual rideshare company. We know our entrepreneurial drivers, and we want them to truly succeed.

How do we do this?

We only take $1. That's right, only $1 from our amazing drivers. So you know when you use BHUUMI, you are contributing to your driver, and not to some large corporation. You're putting your money back into your community, one ride at a time.



  • Download

    Download the BHUUMI ride app at either the App Store or Google Play

  • Pick

    Add your destination, and choose your vehicle type to book your ride. You’ll receive a code to match with your driver on arrival.

  • Ride

    That’s it! Your certified driver will pick you up! You’ll be able to track their vehicle, so you know exactly when they’ll be arriving.

BHUUMI Ride is easy to use, and easy to connect.

Customize your ride with the following vehicles -

  • BHUUMI X - For economy rides up to 4 passengers
  • BHUUMI XL - For larger vehicle up to 6 passengers
  • BHUUMI LUX - For luxury cars up to 4 passengers
  • BHUUMI VAN - For up to 6 to 8 passengers


All of our drivers have undergone screening on both themselves and their vehicles. Your safety and comfort are important to us.

This ridesharing company matches you with drivers at your convenience. Our ride-hailing service is currently available in Charleston, South Carolina and throughout the Tri-County Area. Ridesharing with us is often less expensive than calling a taxi directly, and our riders benefit from every ride.

Everywhere you
want to go.